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Best Oxygen Generators in India

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Best Oxygen Generators in India

We are the only organization in the country, with successful track records for running generators for more than 10 years. Our systems are highly advanced in terms of technology, as we source major components from Airsep Cor, Caire Inc., New York, United States. Airsep is the world’s largest manufacturer of PSA oxygen generator, with 34+ years of experience.

We with more than 850+ satisfied customer in India, is with unchallenging market leader in country with almost 75% market share. Our strength is our installations present in every state of India.


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Best Oxygen Generators in India
Best Oxygen Generators in India

Rapid And Systematic Service

Airox Team believes in providing Rapid and Systematic Service to their clients. 
Oxygen being a life-saving drug, we take care that the hospital doesn’t have to face any inconvenience. We offer CMC and AMC to the hospitals to avoid interrupted working of the system. 
We have a team of 60+ service engineers spread across the country to provide you Rapid Service within 24 hours. 
Our service engineers are available 24/7 365 days to serve you in any emergency.

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Why Choose Us

Airox PSA Oxygen Generator

  • The sieves are the life of PSA, our sieves are patented and best in world.
  • We are the only company in India with certificate as US FDA CE Medical Devices, Class IIb And many more…
  • We have a big service network across India, with 70+ experienced service engineers. Ready to work within time.
  • Our after sales service is best, as we have spare stocks available at 12 locations in India.
  • Our automated technology provides consistent and pure oxygen 24*7
  • Electricity consumed by our PSA plants is very low. Uses 40-60% less electricity, compared with others

Other PSA Oxygen Generator

  • No standard PSA process used to make system to work for 2-3 years only
  • The company may or may not have approvals from Registered Legal Government Authorities.
  • Due to limited reach, the service provided is usually not in time and sometimes not at all addressed,
  • Availability of spares in time is a problem, making plant to stop functioning.
  • The normal technology dues not provide consistent and pure oxygen 24*7
  • Electricity consumption is high. Making hospital to spend more on oxygen bills

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